Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Last weekend as part of the South London Art Map 'GIFTED' weekend I did a live window display at Bearspace gallery in Deptford, was good fun and pretty pleased with the outcome! If you're in the area pop in and see it (just as it gets dark is best) and have a look at their current exhibition 'Print & Design Now 2011'. Huge thanks to Sydney Soan for making it all happen, and Hayley Nia Thomas for taking some lovely pics (which you can see below). There's also some video footage of the whole thing coming sooooon.

Monday, December 05, 2011


Well gosh and darn, look how time flies when you're having fun, or something. I've been living in London for all of 9 weeks now and things have been going well, whilst bringing stress into my life like never before. In short i'm tired but happy. The neglect of the blog is in part due to 'the busy' but mainly due to the fact that most of what i've been doing has been very hushhushtopsecrettellnooneordie. In November I did a two week placement at bSkyb creative which was great. They kept me on for three more weeks to finish the project i was working on, which will be coming to a certain gameshow channel near you soon. I've also been doing some bits for tigerprint and Hallmark with more in the pipeline, hold on to your hothats. At the same time i'm re-working Emblyn's Igloo and adding some extra scenes which will probably not surface to the new year but is exciting! Oh and I have a couple of children's poems done and dusted text-wise and in full artwork development stage, 'The Elflop Journey' and 'The Gruesome Lose-some Win-some Whines' are working titles. For now here is a bear in a space. More on him later.

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