Friday, March 30, 2012

Busy News

Can't you see how busy i am. Not that i have any new imagery to show for it, but it's all exciting. two weeks ago I was back in the Tigerprint studios doing some more animation work for them. Involving amongst other things bunnies hanging easter eggs on trees, bears falling in trifle and elephants squirting birthday presents out of their trunks. Last week my film proposal to Chemistry Group was chosen to make one of four case study films! So from Monday I'll be working on that for two weeks which i'm looking forward to immensely. I'm also trying to complete The Literary Platform's Douglas Adams competition which is such a great brief i'll be annoyed if i don't get it in. Posting this here means i have to. But I'm gonna have to work like a dog. woof. 

That's all for now. Tangible results shortly. For now here's a picture of my niece with a pig. That should keep you smiling all day. 

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